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What is an Audit? An Audit is done when the IRS wants to look at your accounts closer than usual. The Irs periodically does checks on individuals or business accounts. These checks happen to make sure that the person or business is honest in their reporting. Red flag can occur when IRS find things that may seem out of the ordinary. This could be due to the number of things. Even if to you its something small to the IRS this is a glaring red flag that must be looked at carefully. No matter what the problem is Tax Shark get you the help you need and get you through this audit

The Types of Audits

Office Audit
Field Audit

The IRS can conduct audits in a couple of ways through mail, office, or field. These audits are purely to review the supporting document you sent in. Keep in mind that the first initial contact will be through the mail it’s here that the IRS will let you know precisely what you need to do. If done by mail, then the IRS is looking for more supporting documents to support some line items you had on your return. These line items can be anything from income to expenses or itemized deductions. If this is a hard task to do by mail, then you can have the IRS set up a face to face. The IRS will again send out information on what you need to do for this face to face. In many cases, it is always recommended to have a tax expert with you or representing you. This is where Tax Shark comes in at, they can do all of this for you, or with you don’t have to be alone.

What do I Need to Send In

The Irs will send you a list of requests that will have the documents they are looking for.

During this process, the IRS will accept certain record through electronic transfer. The tax law says that each individual should maintain and keep with his or her tax documents for up to three years. Tax shark will make sure that whatever documents they are looking for will be sent. This is the benefit of having a tax defense expert that knows the law and know what to do when you are faced with sending in documents.

How Far Back Can an Audit Go

As the law states, the audit can include anything in the past three years, but there are cases that if the IRS sees fit, they can request to go back as far as 6 years. This is usually not the case.

If the Irs doesn’t resolve the case, they can request for a limitation for assessment tax statue. This can give them more time if they are needing to dig more and find whatever it is they are looking for. Normally it is three years from when the return was submitted. Tax Shark makes this process easy by working between you and the IRS and getting everything submitted in a timely manner.

Audit Tax Defenses Can help you in Your Audit.

The Sacramento tax audit defense is a service that gives aid to the general taxpayers. This service consists of a tax professional or a lawyer. The service will represent you through your audit. By using tax professionals like Tax Shark to represent you, you will be giving your self more of a chance because you have a tax professional who knows and understands the law of tax. To represent a client in an audit, the representer must have the authorization to practice before the IRS. ( If you are a licensed lawyer, an accountant that is certified or enrolled agent you can practice). The safe reason for getting a representative is to make sure communication is met with knowledge of tax law and the audit. Another reason for getting a representative is to make sure you keep your assets and money without having to pay any more fees. The tax audit Defense in Sacramento cant prevent an audit more, so they are here to help make the process go smoother without any faults on the taxpayer side.

Types of Tax Audit Defenses

Like anything else, there are different ways a tax representer like Tax Shark will offer their services. Some may offer a prepaid method. This type of is service generally paid when you first submit your return it will ask you about this service then. If by chance you didn’t get one when you finished your return no problem. You can purchase one after the fact, but you will need to get the tax return to the representer along with any other documents he or she asks for.

When Should you get a Tax Audit Defense

It is worth getting a tax audit defense if you have a lot of big stuff going on in your life such as tax problems where you have been charged with a crime or multiple penalties — these or just a couple that would most like require some help.

The tax professional at Tax Shark will make sure whatever it is that you are well taken care of so the worry of getting someone that doesn’t care about your situation isn’t a thought. Tax Shark has the experience, and they know how to handle the situation and with certifications to work on yours. Tax Shark also has the Tech to get you what you need. Tax Shark who does specialized work in past tax returns can get you right and have you back to your life. No matter what the problem is, Tax Shark is your one-stop shop.

In closing, the tax preparer is only going off of the documents that you give them so if by chance the IRS picks you for an audit it isn’t on the preparer that you were picked it is on you as the taxpayer. The preparer can help with submitting whatever you need. The important thing is to keep your records just in case you get an audit.

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