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Tax Attorney in Nashville

Tax law is one of those things that everyone hopes they’ll never need to know. Rest easy. If you get in tax trouble, you still don’t need to know the law in depth if you let a skilled tax attorney handle your case.

The U.S. federal tax code is notoriously complicated and full of rules and deductions that go on for hundreds of stunningly dull pages. Ordinary people’s eyes glaze over, or they fall asleep while attempting to make sense of the laws.

Luckily, there are certain types of people in this world who take great interest in taxation. These dedicated professionals help the rest of us navigate through the murky waters of tax law. Much of the time, people turn to certified public accountants to help file taxes to get the most for their tax money.

Sometimes, however, they are actual tax attorneys, who are not only familiar with the tax codes but also the legal foundations of those laws. These professionals not only help you manage your tax contributions but can help you out of any legal problems that develop from the tax law.

What is a tax attorney?

If you’re looking for a tax attorney in Nashville, the chances are good that you’re experiencing problems beyond what you can handle on your own. You want to make sure that the advice you get is competent and useful. You should always research any prospective attorney before setting an appointment for a consultation.

Tax attorneys specialize in legal issues explicitly related to state and federal tax law. They’re full members of their state bar association, so they’re accredited by the state of Tennessee to practice law. If you have questions about taxes that involve legal matters, or if you need an extension to file, consult an attorney.

Reliable tax attorneys often recommend others if they lack the experience of dealing with your type of problem.

Benefits of a Nashville Tax Attorney

A certified public accountant can handle most tax-related questions. They’re the ones who review and submit your tax return and can manage your books to get the most from your return.

Occasionally, however, you may want someone with knowledge of accounts as well as tax law. How do you know when you need an attorney as opposed to an accountant?

Starting a New Business

Setting up a business is the most recognizable reason to need tax attorney services. The tax attorneys in Nashville will walk you through the entire process. And, they’ll file your paperwork for incorporation to give you the legal foundation needed for your business to succeed.

Corporations and partnerships are the types of businesses that usually require a tax attorney. Sole proprietors may be able to file on their own without the additional expense. But, they might want to consult with a lawyer anyway to make sure they know the process and haven’t missed anything.

Tax Fraud and Criminal Liability

The IRS can file charges when they think someone has committed tax fraud. Tax fraud occurs when you claim deductions or allowances that the IRS believes you aren’t due. If the IRS brings a tax fraud case against you, you should hire a tax attorney for your defense.

Tax attorneys know the law as well as the most applicable state and federal tax statutes. Not every tax attorney has experience in defending criminal law, however. Make sure your attorney does.

International Business Dealings

If you’re operating a business in Nashville that has ties overseas, you’ll want a tax attorney. Many receive training in all aspects of corporate tax law. They know what it means when you’re bringing cash or goods in or out of the country. International regulations and tax law can be a complicated business, as it changes frequently.

IRS Lawsuits

It doesn’t happen often, but at some point, you may need to sue the IRS. Whether they falsely accuse you of tax fraud, or you have some grievance against them, you can’t bring a suit against the IRS without hiring a tax attorney.

Tax attorneys are the only ones who can make sure all of your legal documents are filed and researched correctly. Without them, a judge is likely to dismiss your case quickly.