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What is Tax Resolution in Los Angeles?

Outside of receiving a refund, dealing with the IRS and tax procedures is never fun. That’s why Tax Shark offers guidance from tax lawyers and tax professionals—so that the good people of Los Angeles can focus on the fun stuff—saving money. Tax Shark offers a variety of tax resolution services to help residents stay on top of their finances. From filing taxes and staying compliant with current tax laws to tax debt relief and tax debt forgiveness, Tax Shark can help.

Filing with a Tax Resolution Company

When it comes to filing taxes, the most important thing is staying up to date on tax laws and codes. It’s essential, but it isn’t always easy. Mix-ups in payroll calculations, changes in income and relocating can all lead to incorrectly filing taxes, or worse— failing to file at all.

A tax resolution company has professionals who study the shifty structure that is tax law. With their guidance, taxpayers can be sure that they are filing correctly and on time. Additionally, with the counsel of a tax professional, filers can be sure they aren’t missing any potential exemptions or extensions.

Tax Debt

Missteps happen, and even if fees and penalties are avoided, some taxpayers end up with a tax bill they can’t afford to pay. When one finds themselves in tax debt, the typical response is fear, understandably. While the IRS may use threatening tactics, Los Angeles tax attorneys can help find a way out of the treacherous tax debt waters.

The reality is that when taxes aren’t paid, the IRS charges a .5% penalty of the unpaid taxes, every month. They also charge interest, and overtime tax debt will grow. This growing figure can be overwhelming. It’s the job of a tax relief specialist to show that paying off debt is not only possible but can be very manageable.

Tax Debt Relief

Besides being a buffer between the taxpayer and the IRS, tax relief specialists can advise on the tax relief opportunities that the IRS has available. Yes, even the intimidating IRS leaves room for negotiation when taxpayers get behind on paying their taxes. However, without a tax professional, it can be challenging to sift through current tax laws and know how to apply them correctly.

To help taxpayers avoid tax liens, the IRS launched the Fresh Start initiative. With this initiative, various tax laws were changed to make payment plans, and the appeals for an Offer in Compromise (OIC), more forgiving. That said, there is a difference between opportunity and application.

Navigating Tax Relief Options

Hiring a Los Angeles tax attorney is an appropriate choice for those wishing to create a proper payment structure to pay off tax debt. Working with a reputable tax resolution company means staying up to date on qualifications for long-term or short-term payment plans. Depending on the situation, a tax attorney can negotiate with the IRS to ensure fair and manageable monthly installments.

A trusted tax attorney is also the person for the job when a payment plan seems out of the question. In unique financial circumstances, it can be appropriate to apply for an OIC. An OIC grants a reduction or elimination of added fees, penalties, and interest on the overall tax bill. Especially in cases where the taxes were filed late and left unpaid for some time, this option can equate to significant savings.

A Los Angeles tax attorney will be able to assess eligibility for an OIC and help present the best offer for each application. Although the Fresh Start initiative was designed to help taxpayers, understanding the criteria and preceding payment plan options can be confusing. Tax attorneys are great at making the complicated understandable.

Tax Resolution Los Angeles

The Los Angeles tax attorneys working with Tax Shark are available to meet any and all tax resolution needs. Their tax attorneys are dedicated practitioners of tax law. They enjoy exploring your options for filing, tackling your tax debt, or navigating the options for tax debt forgiveness.

How Can a Los Angeles Taxpayer Acquire Tax Resolution Services?

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