Top 4 Copy Paper Bestsellers in 2020

Your easy guide to the best copy paper.

Denis Leskovets

Denis Leskovets

Office Product Specialist

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You didn’t grow your business by neglecting the details, right? But are you buying the right paper for your copiers?

Choosing the right copy paper involves balancing a number of factors: cost, shipping expense, appearance, and compatibility with your existing machinery. You may also care about the sustainability of paper production.

Increasingly, businesses are branding themselves as eco-friendly. Research shows that consumers care about whether their business partners are doing their part to preserve natural resources.

Another factor is where your paper is made. Some paper is manufactured in the United States from trees grown in the United States. Buying this paper allows you to tell customers that you proudly support the U.S. economy

We’ve done the homework for you. We have researched and ranked the four most popular copy papers from best to last. All choices are white, 8.5 x 11 sized papers, compatible with a wide array of copiers, and good for both printing and copying.

We offer a comparison of paper that is available in amounts of 4000 or 5000 sheets per shipment. All our choices are acid free and get great overall reviews. All our choices offer free Amazon delivery and subscribe and save options. Subscribing is a great way to reduce costs if you know how much paper you will need on a regular basis.

Here are our results.

Best: Hewlett-Packard Printer Paper

While designed specifically for Hewlett-Packard machines, this paper is compatible with a wide range of printers and copiers. Eighty-five percent of customers who buy this product through Amazon give it the highest five-star rating. Those who have bought HP paper like the weight, texture, and appearance.

Hewlett-Packard offers a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. While a few customers complained of damaged shipping cases, the HP guarantee should cover these occasional incidents. Keep in mind that a package can be damaged at any point along the shipping chain.

The price of this product is higher than others in this analysis. However, the quality and functionality of the paper may well justify its price.

Another important consideration is that Hewlett-Packard manufactures its paper in the United States, using wood harvested from U.S. forests. This means that money you put into your copy paper goes directly back into your country’s economy. Buying HP protects jobs at the corporate level, at the level of manufacturing, and at the level of forestry.

HP paper is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). FSC certification assures businesses that the forests that produce this paper are not irresponsibly clear cut. FSC certification requires that paper producers maintain wildlife habitats, songbird migration areas, and waterways in their forests.

Irresponsible clear cutting not only damages ecosystems, it can also harm communities where it leads to flooding and degradation of drinking water. Businesses that are thinking long term should at least consider choosing FSC-certified office paper.

Bottom line: This is a great paper if you can afford to prioritize quality over cost. For businesses under scrutiny about buying American products or doing business sustainably, it is a necessity.

Second Best: Hammermill Copy Paper

Hammermill paper also enjoys a high rate of customer satisfaction, but not as high as HP paper. Also Hammermill costs a little more for the same quality.

Most customers praise the appearance and functionality of this paper. A few find it too thin and see through. That can make it less than ideal if your business does a lot of back to back copying. And a small percentage of customers think the quality is inconsistent from one delivery to the next.

Hammermill is also sustainably produced in the United States. Though it does not have FSC certification, the company guarantees that its products are made with wood from American family tree farms. That may be a clincher for businesses that wish to promote themselves as supportive of mom and pop entrepreneurship.

Bottom line: HP will be a better choice for most businesses, except those that place a high premium on doing business with small, independent companies.

Runner Up: AmazonBasics Multipurpose Copy Printer Paper

Many customers love AmazonBasics because the cost is wonderfully low. However a percentage of customers report that it often jams and delivers blank pages. Blank pages can, theoretically, be captured and fed back into the printer. But that wastes man power. And such recaptured paper is somewhat more likely to cause a second jam. 

While any brand of copy paper will occasionally jam or produce blank pages, a frequent occurrence of this problem will cause wastage and slow down your business operations. AmazonBasics buyers frequently object to the texture which they find too slick. The lack of texture may be culpable in paper jams and dual paper pulls.

There is also some uncertainty about where AmazonBasics paper is made. In the Amazon.com questions and answers about this product, there is consensus that it is made in France. But many buyers report that the manufacture was moved to the U.S. and that quality has suffered as a result of this change.

On the upside, the paper comes in small packages which are easy to pick up and carry. This may be an advantage to a small business where employees take on several roles.

For instance, if your 110-pound vice president is also your office manager and delivery point person, it may behoove you to buy paper that she can easily transport to the office area.

Bottom line: If you are just getting started in business or you operate your small business on a very tight budget, this paper might still be a good choice because of its low price. But it is not a great choice for big or established businesses, especially those who wish to promote themselves as eco-friendly or supporting U.S. businesses.

Also ran: Office Depot White Copy Paper

Recent reviews suggest that getting this paper in good condition is a hit or miss affair. Several customers complain that the packaging is damaged, and a few even note that the damage was so considerable that the paper itself was ruined.

The weight of this paper may or may not be what you expect. Several purchasers say it is too lightweight.

Bottom line: the Office Depot White Copy Paper shares the disadvantages of other low-cost copy papers, but the price is not competitive. It is approximately twice the price of AmazonBasics.